Uphill Enclosure

</font><b>Uphill church from the survey site</b>
Uphill church from the survey site

Our first project was at Uphill at the end of the hill overlooking the village. Here there is an enclosure of unknown age and purpose which Vince Russett, our County Archaeologist, suggested should be recorded. This is a square/rectangular enclosure with a circular feature in each corner. We made a tape and offset earthwork survey over a number of weeks which was recorded on a plan on a scale of 1-100.

We then made a Resistivity survey which showed similar results, however we only completed 3 squares of geophysics as on our 4th attempt a cow ate through the wire and stopped work!

We are unsure of the purpose or age of this enclosure. It could be an animal pen or possibly a fortification connected to the Civil War, with possible re-use in the Second World War.

<b>Taking tape measurements</b>
Taking tape measurements

<b>Lush pasture for cows!</b>
Lush pasture for cows!

<b>Team Leader Heather in action</b>
Team Leader Heather in action