Worlebury Grain Pit

</font><b>Surveying the proposed grain pit</b>
Surveying the proposed grain pit

In 2011 we had moved into a garden on the lower slopes of Worlebury where we dug a metre square test pit on the edge of an ancient bank and ditch which has lain undisturbed for centuries. In the same garden we then cleared a large patch of brambles and undergrowth to uncover a structure which had lain there unseen for many years. This looked like a garden pond but when excavated it became akin to one of the Iron Age grain pits which may have been embellished with rocks and a pond lining in more recent times. We also assisted with a geophysical survey of Castle Batch at Worle.

<b>A closer view of the proposed grain pit</b>
A closer view of the proposed grain pit