Lynch Farm Survey

</font><b>Lynch Farm lower field</b>
Lynch Farm lower field

<b>Lynch Farm entrance</b>

In 2012 we started an investigation of the earthworks which are evident at Lynch Farm, Worle. We made a tape and offset drawing of the ridges at the top of the field and also of the lynchets at the bottom of the field. We investigated the Hollow Way which runs between the fields which was an ancient trackway up the hillside. We worked on this site for several months. We organised a walk of the area with local historian Chris Richards (see 'Walks'). During the summer months we joined forces with YCCCART another community group to survey and geophys at Woodspring Priory. In July for the CBA Festival of Archaeology we mounted an exhibition of Community Archaeology in Weston Museum, and also led two walks on Worlebury Iron Age Hillfort. During the inclement winter months we worked indoors to write up reports on completed work and start inking in our drawings. This is work in progress to be completed during winter weather.

<b>The team at work</b>
The team at work