Weston Test Pit

In September 2013 we were given the opportunity to investigate a site in the centre of Weston. Desk research had shown that this site is close to an area where many Iron Age pit burials were uncovered during the 19th Century during house building.

Contemporary literature says that the skeletons were reburied at a site nearby. The landowner has given us permission to dig and investigate the site which is an overgrown garden.

In 2014 We opened a small trench and we seem to have come to the natural end of this trench - a very sandy bottom! and not so many finds at this level.

<b>WESMART test pit</b>
WESMART test pit

The most interesting finds in this small trench only 2 metres x 1 metre were:-

2 shards of Iron Age pot, 2 shards of Roman Grey Ware, 1 shard of yellow and brown slipware 17th - 18th Century probably from Bristol.

The bones have been identified as animal, probably sheep.

The two teeth - one Thornback Ray (a kind of fish), and one small puppy or cat tooth.

A lot of Blue and White 'modern' china, clay pipe stems, brick, slate, mortar, terracotta pot, coal, slag, a few pieces of rusty metal, 2 Oyster shells, one shoe buckle, one perfume bottle, lots of glass, and one hedgehog (alive).

Heather Morrisey

<b>A hedgehog found at the site of the test pit</b>
A hedgehog found at the site of the test pit