About our society

Weston-super-Mare Archaeological and Natural History Society, was founded in 1892 as a branch of SANHS (Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society) which is based in Taunton. We were founded at a time when leisured gentlefolk with inquiring minds would meet at intervals to listen to the latest information on Archaeology or Natural History. Expert speakers would come to Weston from far and wide. Our predecessors were also great enthusiasts for the open air and would often go on organised excursions to sites of interest.

Times have changed but like our founders we offer a programme of stimulating talks. We meet at the Victoria Methodist Church Hall in Weston-super-Mare on the second Tuesday of each month from September to May and you can see from this year's programme that we maintain the tradition of speakers who are at the cutting edge of their subject. We also meet for walks and explore various aspects of our local wildlife in the company of one of our enthusiastic members. The summer months also see us out and about with a programme of visits and activities.

Some of our members have organised themselves into a group who meet fortnightly to explore and record the archaeology of the area. Anyone can join! Hit the WESMART tab for further details.

A quarterly newsletter is published and the editor is always keen to receive contributions.

The objectives of the Society are to promote the study of archaeology, natural history and history of the Weston-super-Mare area through talks, surveys, field studies and nature walks.

If you share these aims and would like to join us as a member you will be most welcome. Or simply come along to any of our meetings as a visitor and we will be very glad to see you.