Saturday 19th June 2010

Visit to Banwell Bone Caves and Tower

<b>Banwell Bone Caves</b>
Banwell Bone Caves

<b>Banwell Tower</b>

Arrived at the car park on a lovely sunny day, although breezy and we were met by the current owners of the house and given a brief talk , next to the Druids Grotto, outlining what the visit would consist of and the relevant history behind the caves, house and follies.

Taken to the original part of the house, which was built by the bishop as a cottage for guests and shown a short video about the caves and their history.

Then we were taken into the main cave via one of the open entrances and this sight is really awesome and difficult to appreciate the age of the event that caused this result as seen. Animal bones, now tidily stacked in great piles by the walls, but when first discovered they carpeted the floor of the cave and must have presented the unsuspecting miners, who found them, with an incredible sight. Further excavation could result in more being found. Some of the other entrances are closed and visits to other caves from the main cave are not possible without the correct climbing equipment and expertise.

Next, we were taken up the hill, passed closed entrances to the main cavern and other caves and the Alcove seat, to the Pebble Summerhouse which is totally fascinating and from which there is a magnificent clear view to Steep Holm in the estuary.

After this, we had a short walk through the woodlands and passed the remains of the other summerhouse which, we were told, had been vandalized and consideration was being given to rebuilding it, to Banwell Tower, which, upon climbing the steps to the top offered a magnificent view all around with it being a clear day. Although coming down was tricky with there being no handrail, but then it is a folly!

A walk back to the house and tea, coffee, cake or cream scones awaited us.

Very enjoyable and fascinating-this is just a brief summary. Please follow the link below for more information.

Ann Harris

<b>Members visit Banwell caves</b>