Sunday 4th June 1989

Industrial Archaeology of the Mendips

<b>Charterhouse  Heron Lake</b>
Charterhouse Heron Lake

Charterhouse condensation tunnel

The weather was sunny and we enjoyed a sunny afternoon in the Charterhouse Nature Reserve. Mr Franklin who organises and leads these walks took us to the ponds where, with the children around, we found tadpoles, sticklebacks, Pond snails and damsel flies. From there he took us to the old condensation tunnels of the lead re-smelting works, which were closed in 1907. These were used by the Victorians to re-smelt the slag to obtain more lead.

Among the plants we found and identified, were Mare's Tails' White Clary, Crosswort, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Lady's Smock' Wild Strawberry-and White and Red Campions.

Butterflies we saw were the Orangetip, Chalkhill Blue, Small Copper, and one which could have been a Marbled white, but we could not be sure of identification.

Charterhouse yellow hammer

Birds spotted were a Kestrel hovering above and through binoculars we watched two Yellowhammers, beautiful in their Spring Plumage.

It is a pity these walks are not better attended. However small your knowledge. This is an enjoyable way to improve it. Thank you, Norman for the time and trouble you take.

Doreen Bailey,_Somerset