Chedworth Roman Villa

<b>Chedworth mosaic</b>
Chedworth mosaic

<b>Chedworth Villa</b>

For anyone who hasn't visited Chedworth Roman Villa and is planning to you are in for a treat. It isn't often that you can visit a 1,700 year old stately home.

Set in a wooded Cotswold coombe, it is the best site in the country for exploring and understanding what a large country house of the Roman period would have been like.

The villa was discovered by accident in 1864, when a gamekeeper
found fragments of paving and pottery on the bank of soil which covered what is now referred to as room 32.

James Farrer who uncovered most of the buildings recognised the
importance of these finds. The owner, the Earl of Eldon funded the dig and provided the Museum and roofing for some of the structures. The National Trust bought the site in 1924 by means of subscription:raised largely by the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society.

There are two bathhouses, hypocausts, a water-shrine and latrine not forgetting the mosaics.

There are various events throughout the year aimed at enhancing
your visit to Romano-British life, from craft days to recreations of Roman society.

Chedworth is closed through the winter months, but will re-open in March. Please follow the link below for up to date information: