At home at Clevedon Court

Thirty two of us received a very warm welcome at Clevedon Court by Lady Elton and her husband for an 'At Home'. We freely wandered about the Court and felt very at home sitting in the hall for coffee and biscuits. It was the first visit for many even though such a treasure is on our doorstep.

Much of the present house was built in the early l4th century by Sir John de Cievedon. The house incorporates remnants of a 13th Century building which lie at an angle to the rest of the house. Home to the lords of the manor cf Clevedon for centuries, the core of the house is a remarkable survival from the medieval period. The house was bought by Abraham Elton in 1709 and is still the much loved family home cf his descendants today.

The Elton family opens and manages Cievedon Court for the National Trust.

<b>Nailsea glass peacock</b>
Nailsea glass peacock

Having visited the house several times over the past 40 years it was a real treat to be able to wander freely around the house. The family portraits on the walls of the hall give an insight into the family history. Very interesting to go into the family kitchen and rooms that are normally not open to the public. One of the jewels in this house is the beautiful collection of Nailsea glass and Elton Ware, with vivid colours and variety of shapes.

<b>Clevedon Court private chapel</b>
Clevedon Court private chapel

We wandered upstairs and downstairs, through bedrooms and corridors and eventually out onto the beautiful gardens. these are terraced behind the house including a small crenelated drum tower that survives from the medieval period.

Despite the closeness of the M5 just in front of the house, the gardens remained a peaceful oases which were a pleasure to walk around on such a sunny morning in October.

Rosemary Dowie