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Bears in Alaska. See <i>Natural History Reports</i> The committee with the new Laptop and projectorCelebration of Barbara Seaton's MBE All Saints Clevedon. See<i> Visits</i> Pamela Brinscombe.. See <i>Past Members</i>Banwell Caves. See <i>visits</i>Lynch Farm tour with Chris Richards. See <i>walks</i>Kewstoke Church with guide Mike Tedstone. See <i>Visits</i>Archaeology group at Windmill Hill Hutton Stockhill Forest. See <i>Walks</i>.A visit to Ham Hill Iron age fort. See <i>visits</i><font face=Old English> Picnic at the Quarry</font> Jodie Lewis at Stanton Drew.See <i>Visits and Arch. Report</i>Egyptologist Lucia Ghalin with Rosemary Dowie. See Arch. Report Paula  Gardiner Hunter Gatherers See <i> Arch. Report</i>.Chris Richards. See <i>Arch. Reports</i>Philip Rahtz and students. See <i>Members Articles</i>Josh Pollard on Stonehenge.See <i>Archaeology Report</i>.Woodspring Priory. See <i>Westmart Projects</i> Worlebury Stone Circle. See <i>Westmart Projects</i>. Worlebury Grain pit. See <i>Westmart Projects</i>.Steven Clews on Roman Baths. See <i>Archaeology Report</i>Tom Mayberry. Taunton Heritage See <i>Archaeology Report</i>Nicoletta Momigliano & Heather.Morrisey. <i>See Arch. Report</i>Jonathan Weeks. Musical instruments. See <i>Arch Report</i>Shapwick Heath . See <i>Walks</i>Berkeley castle. See <i>Visits</>